responsive corrective

unique product line consisting of three amazing products that will smooth away your wrinkles and fine lines.

These products help correct and prevent your expression lines whilst revealing radiance in you skin and evening out your complexion.

Products in the Response Corrective Line:

Wrinkle Eraser

Refining and smoothing pen for facial expression wrinkles.

Smoothing Lip Contour Care

Correcting wrinkles, expression lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkle Correcting Care Cream

Relaxing and smoothing for face and expression lines, and reduces time marks.

The wrinkle correcting care is a high performance solution for harmoniously reducing expression lines.


A Matis creation for optimum line and wrinkle correction containing advanced technology active ingredients with a totally new triple action:

  1. “Smoothing out” of expression lines thanks to an innovative M2R+
  2. Filling effect to plump out lines using hyaluronic acid micro spheres
  3. Sskin restructuring action for long lasting line and wrinkle correction using a BCL principle active ingredient.

From the very first applications, your face looks relaxedexpression lines fade, slowly but surely your skin appears more youthful

Help to remove wrinkles and and damaged skin with our new Response Corrective range.

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