...recaptured beauty

…the utmost in anti-ageing and anti-stress treatment.

Unique acts on all of the skins vital functions.

It awakens and reactivates the entirety of cellular activity, which with the years, tends to diminish: itstimulates cellular renewal, it regenerates tissues, restoring firmness and elasticity.

It also help the skin to protect and defend itself better against aggressions.

It adapts to the skin’s chronobiological rhythms: anti-stress during the day and regeneration at night.

The secret of this luxurious range:

The association of three marine active ingredients, especially Caviar extract and a plant to awakenreactivate,energize and stimulate

It’s crown jewel: the Caviar Retinol Box, an exceptional care for an exceptional result…

It’s last specific care: Le Cou - an awarding winning Firming Next Cream

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