The brightness and whiteness of complexion are sometimes threatened by dysfunctions at the melanocytes level

which result in the appearance of pigmentary spots.

Various factors contribute to this appearance:

- Frequent or intense exposure to the sun 

- Aging of the skin 

- Shloasma (pregnancy)

- Photosensitivity when taking medicine 

The Matis response a whiteness treatment on three fronts : 

1. Preventive action against the appurtenance of pigmentary marks

2. Subduing of existing marks

3. Regulation, in the heart of the melanocyte itself of e production of melanin.

promise of whiteness and brightness kept by virtue of the Matis whitening complex

concentrated in Nanocapsules and released at the source of the melanin production.

And the vitamin C, which combines three actionsanti-oxidantfirming up and whitening



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